Mission Hill Club Information

All Mission Hill Clubs are student-run.  If you see a club that looks interesting to you, please feel free to drop into a club meeting and check it out.  If you don't see anything that appeals to you, think about starting your own club.  Please see Ms. McElwee in the main office to obtain club paperwork.

Club Name Description Advisor Meeting Day and Time Meeting Location
Anime All students are welcome to come to club meetings and have fun.  Students can talk about their favorite shows and play games on electronics.  New students can make more friends.  Ms. Dyer
Ms. Jue
Every Tuesday and Thursday at Lunch Tues - Auditorium
Thurs - Library
AVID Club  The purpose of this club is to help students to learn about and prepare for high school, college, and careers.  The club will explore high school classes and activities.  We will research and play games about colleges.  We will discuss current events and we will learn about different careers. Ms. McIntyre
Ms. Nixen
Every Tuesday at Lunch Rm 26
Basketball Club Our purpose is to get together to play a big basketball game. Mr. Dewey Every Friday at Lunch Small Gym
Birthday Wishes Our purpose is to raise money to buy gifts for all 6th grade teachers.  We will have bake sales and events at school and after school.  Mr. Gavin Every other Thursday at Lunch P-3
Harry Potter Fanatic Club We will discuss all of the stories and do trivia and games.  In addition, we will make our own wands and other crafts and watch movies and read books.  Ms. Jennings Every Monday at Lunch P-2
Library Lunch Clubs Join others in the Library at lunch in fun activities (ex. games, crafts, book club, etc.). Ms. Dyer Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at Lunch
Magic, D&D, and Dicemasters Club We will play Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and Dice Masters Mr. Byram Every Tuesday and Thursday at Lunch P-1
Meme Team We will draw memes, make memes, and talk about memes.  Our goal is to make the most high quality memes.  Mr. Dilles Every Friday at Lunch Rm 14

MMYS The first M stands for Meditation.  The second M stands for Movies which we will do once a month.  The Y stands for Yoga and the S stands for Stretching. Ms. Lorber Every Monday and Thursday at Lunch Community Room
Movie-Maker Club We will write scripts and film movies and then edit them.  We will make movies from beginning to end.   Ms. Said Every Monday at Lunch Rm 3
Pokemon Go and Magic Cards Club The purpose of this club is for people to interact with one another while playing their favorite games.  And we will allow pokemon cards. Ms. Maramonte Every Monday at Lunch Rm 11
Skate Club Our purpose is to watch school appropriate skate videos and eat lunch.  And after school tour the local skate parks and talk about the history behind it.  We also want to teach others how to skateboard. Ms. Garkey Every 4th Friday of the month at Lunch` Rm 13
Surf Club Join other MH students at the beach for some surfing fun.  Mr. Osborne Surf Team - Every Monday after school

Surf Club - Every other Thursday after school
 Surf Team - the stairs at the Lane

Surf Club - the stairs at Cowells Beach
The Gift We will raise money to buy/make presents for all teachers/staff birthdays so they know they are appreciated.  We will do fundraising after school.  Extra money at the end of the year will be donated to MHMS PTA. Ms. Cabrera Every Monday at Lunch Rm 23
QSA (Queer-Straight Alliance)  QSA creates a safe space for students to talk about important issues and for students to learn to get involved in activism. Ms. Taylor Every Friday at Lunch Rm 31
Magic Tricks Club Let's get together and practice doing magic tricks.   Ms. Nixen Every Friday at Lunch Rm 2
The Card Club We will get together to play card games like 21, Texas Hold'em, and other games.  Mr. Denning Every Tuesday at Lunch Rm 24

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