Mission Hill Club Information

All Mission Hill Clubs are student-run.  If you see a club that looks interesting to you, please feel free to drop into a club meeting and check it out.  If you don't see anything that appeals to you, think about starting your own club.  Please see Ms. McElwee in the main office to obtain club paperwork.

Club Name Description Advisor Meeting Day and Time Meeting Location
Animation Club We will make short films for MHTV.  They will be broadcast on Friday mornings.   Ms. Dyer

Thursdays at Brunch Library
 Anime Drawing Club  We are going to do Anime drawings, games and voiceovers.  Our goal is to have fun and get as many people to do Anime a possible.   Mr. Gavin Tuesdays at Lunch  P-3
Astrophysics Club
 We will discuss the wonder of astrophysics.  We will watch videos, read books, and have discussions on this topic.  Ms. Corbin Every other Tuesday at Lunch  Rm 12
AVID Club  The purpose of our club is to have a designated meeting place and time to learn about colleges and careers.  Our goals include learning about different college  majors and which colleges met/serve our interest.  We can also use AVID club meeting to support each other with homework  and class activities.   Ms. Jennings
Ms. Nixen
Tuesdays at Lunch P-2
Baking Club We are going to use Chromebooks to look up recipes that we like, Then, at the end of the year, we are going to have a bake sale using our favorite recipes.  During our meetings we will talk about baking and our baking experiences.   Ms. Maramonte Mondays  at Lunch Rm 11
Baseball Club We will engage together in America's past-time.    Mr. Suess Tuesdays and Fridays at Lunch Softball Field
Book Club We will pick a book every month and read/talk about the book at every meeting.  When we finish the book, we will have a small party and maybe watch the movie (if there is one and it's appropriate).    Ms. Dyer Thursdays and Fridays after school Library
Club Dance The purpose of our club is to get kids involved in sharing dance skills and to build our skills together.  We will share our skills at school functions or for special events.   Ms. Jennings Fridays at Lunch
Club Hope H-O-P-E stands for Helping Others Post Emergency.  We will raise funds to support important causes in the country and the world.   Mr. Salles Mondays at Lunch Rm 13
Cooking Club The goals of this club are to get people interested in cooking and/or baking.  Every two weeks, a select person will bring something they made at home. We will share the recipe, try the food, rate it/talk about it, and deide who will go next.  People can also share cookbooks as well.  Mr. Kett Every other Friday at Lunch starting 9/22/17 Rm 9

Craft Club Our club goals are to get the MHMS students involved in crafting.  To do this, we will bring in supplies and plan projects to do every other week.   Ms. Crocetti Every other Thursday at Lunch Rm 5
Dance for your Life This club is for you if you love to dance or do cheer.  This is an opportunity to do what you love and have fun with friends.   Ms. Lorber Tuesdays and Thursdays after school Auditorium
Dungeons and Dragons We will engage in extensive Dungeons and Dragons along with occasional other games.   Mr. Byram Tuesdays and Fridays at Lunch P-1
Film Club The Film Club will make short films and every member will have a part.  We will all engage in casting, filming, and scripting.   Ms. Said Thursdays  at Lunch` Rm 4
Harry Potter Club We will do Harry Potter-themed activities such as making wands, playing quidditch, watching movies, and asking trivia.  We may also do bake sales.    Ms. Jennings Mondays at Lunch  P-2
 Juggling Club   The purpose of the Jugging Club is to learn how to juggle and to socialize.  Mr. Gilbert Every Friday at Lunch  Rm 3
 Magic Club   We will do magic, cardistry, and throw cards. One of our goals is for us and others to get better at magic. There will also be throwing card competitions.    Mr. Osborne Tuesdays and Fridays at Lunch  Rm 7
 MDG Club   In MDG, we will play games, listen to music, dance, and watch movies.  Ms. Lorber Mondays and Tuesdays at Lunch  Community Room
 Photo and Video Club   Our purpose is to talk about photography and videography, to do projects, and to share photos and videos.  Ms. Crocetti  Mondays at Lunch  Rm 5
 Political Club   Our purpose is to have a focused space where we can have organized converation about current political happenings. Our goal is to become politically aware young adults and to have fun while doing it.  Ms. Nixen  Thursdays at Lunch  Rm 22
QSA (Queer-Straight Alliance)  QSA creates a safe space for students to talk about important issues and for students to learn to get involved in activism. Ms. Murgia TBD Rm 31
 Science Club  We will have fun exploring science concepts.  Mr. Salles TBD  Rm 13
Slime Club In Slime Club, we will do fun challenges and test out new ways to make slime and, of course, make slime. We will make sure that everyone has a good time and that we all have fun.
Mr. Salles Tuesdays after school Rm 13
Surf Club We will engage in fun while learning about the ocean and surf..  Mr. Osborne
Mr Wells
Surf Club: Thursdays from 3:15 -5:00PM atop the Cowells stairs on West Cliff (Monterey St)

Suf Team: Mondays from 3:00-4:30PM at the Lane (location may adjust based on swells and weather)
Rm 7

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