Please note: The information below is last year's club information. We will have our Club Fair and will update this information as soon as we have it. Thank you for understanding.
Por favor tengan en cuenta: la información a continuación es la información de clubes del año anterior. Tendremos nuestra Feria de Clubes y actualizaremos esta información tan pronto la tengamos.  Gracias por su comprensión

Mission Hill Club Information

All Mission Hill Clubs are student-run.  If you see a club that looks interesting to you, please feel free to drop into a club meeting and check it out.  If you don't see anything that appeals to you, think about starting your own club.  Please see Ms. McElwee in the main office to obtain club paperwork.

Club Name Description Advisor Meeting Day and Time Meeting Location
Baseball Club We will trade baseball cards, watch baseball highlights, and enjoy other baseball activities. Mr. Campbell

Mondays at Brunch P3
Best Buddies Club Foster one-to-one friendships between middle school students with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities. Share interests, experiences, and activities.   Mr. Martini Thursdays at Lunch Room 10 or TBA
BSU (Black Student Union)
Our goal is to make it so all black students on our campus feel safe. We would like to meet with the Santa Cruz High School BSU.
 Ms. Vann Fridays at Lunch  Rm 22
Comic Making  To bring people together who like comic books. We will be creating outlines and come art. Ms. Maramonte Mondays at Lunch Rm 11
Dungeons and Dragons We will engage in extensive Dungeons and Dragons adventures along with occasional other games.  
Ms. Shafer Mondays and Thursdays  at Lunch P-2
Film Club We will plan, direct, and film a short movie. We will show the movie on MHTV at the end of the year. Mr. Denning Tuesdays  at Lunch Room 24
Greek Mythology Fan Club We will pick a book every month and read/talk about the book at every meeting.  When we finish the book, we will have a small party and maybe watch the movie (if there is one and it's appropriate).    Ms. Said Mondays at Lunch every other week Room 4
Guitar Club Our goals are to teach, play, learn, and jam on the guitar.
Mr. Wells Fridays at Lunch
Room 30
Harry Potter Club The purpose of this club is to bring Harry Potter lovers together. We will also do Harry Potter crafts. Ms. Maramonte Fridays at Lunch Rm 11
LGBTQ Club The goal of this club is to have a safe, supportive, and fun space for students to be themselves and comfortable being and/or learning about LGBTQ. We will engage in games and activities where students interact and talk about LGBTQ issues, issues in the media (when appropriate), and age appropriate subjects. Advocacy will be according to group consensus.
Mr. Flynn Every other Friday at Lunch Rm 9 or ?

LSU (Latino Student Union) We want to positively represent Latinas/Latinos and people of other cultures at our school. We want to raise money for children in orphanages in Mexico. Special Events for our club will be guest speakers, field trips, and movies. Mr. Marmolejo Every other Friday at Lunch Rm 14
K-Pop Dance Club Our goal is to learn a whole dance in a year.
Mr. Denning Thursdays at lunch  Auditorium
Maker Monday Club We will design, explore, engineer, and invent!
Ms. Dyer Mondays at Lunch Library
Marvel Club Our goal is to make ideas. By reading comics and watch movies to make our own comics.  Ms. Dyer Fridays after school Library
Movie  Club  At lunch, we will watching movies, dance, and play games.  Ms. Eldred Mondays and Thursdays at Lunch every other week  P-2
Music Club  We will be playing music and listening to a variety of music. We plan to learn and appreciate different musical genres and new artists. Mr. Suess Thursdays at Lunch  Rm 2
Odd Squad Club This club will engage in watching school appropriate anime videos. We will also draw and eat snacks..    Mr. Campbell Mondays at Lunch  P3
Project Lit We will be reading The Hate U GIve. We will also be going to Bookshop Santa Cruz and watching the movie.  Ms. Dyer Thursdays at Lunch Library
 Skate Club In Skate Club we will watch family friendly skate videos, talk about our favorite skaters, and skating equipment. We will also fingerboard and share ramps.  Mr. gavin Mondays at Lunch Room 32
Surf Club We will engage to enjoy the ocean in a fun and safe way, encouraging others to do so as well.  Mr. Osborne SURF CLUB: Wednesdays from 3:15-5:00 PM atop the Cowells stairs on West Cliff (Monterey St). Rm 7 or Cowells stairs
Theater Club The goal of this club is to improve theater skills and have fun. We will play fun theater games and exercises too. Ms. Fagan Mondays and Fridays every other week P1
Wrestling Club This club is meant to be a fun and positive energy outlet. We will share wrestling moves and prepare for the wrestling season by getting into good physical condition.  Mr. Aragon Fridays at Lunch Small Gym
Yearbook Club Our goal is to support the Yearbook Advisor by helping students learn to take photos. Rodger/ Wofford Thursdays at Lunch Rm 8

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