Mission Hill Club Information

All Mission Hill Clubs are student-run.  If you see a club that looks interesting to you, please feel free to drop into a club meeting and check it out.  If you don't see anything that appeals to you, think about starting your own club.  Please see Ms. Nixen in the main office to obtain club paperwork.

Club Name Description Advisor Meeting Day and Time Meeting Location
3-D Design Club


Mondays at Lunch P2
Best Buddies Club Foster one-to-one friendships between middle school students with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities. Share interests, experiences, and activities.
Martini Thursdays at Lunch Room 10 or TBA
Book Club
Introduce members to books they never thought they'd normally read and motivate them to be a better person. Inspire love for reading
Nijor Tuesdays at Lunch  Rm 9
BSU (Black Student Union) Our goal is to raise awareness of racial injustice and how to prevent problems in the future. We want to do a Black History Month field trip, a movie, fundraiser, meet with High School BSU Day-Smith Thursdays at Lunch  Rm 8
Cheer Club In this club, we will perform at events and build up cheer and dance skills. We will also build up confidence and friendships. One of our goals are to complete at least one cheer dance performance  Burr Thursdays at 2:30PM  Gym
Chess Club Attendees will learn how to play and review games.  Sapp Mondays & Thursdays at Lunch  Room 32
Color Guard We will be participating with the High School (hopefully). Also, our goal will be trying to participate in the winter parade. Our goal is to participate in as many things as possible
Latham Thursdays @ 2:30-3:15 TBA (Small Gym or covered platform)
Creative Liberty Club  We will be making fun and easy arts and crafts such as bracelet making, drawing, etc. We also want to provide a place where students can relax and just have fun and be creative!  Nixen Thursdays every other week after school Auditorium
Debate Club  This will be a formal club for students to debate. Each week a motion will be given and people will be assigned to be judge, negative or positive on the motion and we will then debate or judge.  Osborne  Fridays at Lunch Room 7
Dungeons and Dragons We will be playing Dungeons and Dragons every meeting. Ben will be Dming(leading) the games. Curiel Tuesdays and Fridays  at Lunch P-1
Game Day Bonanza  Provide a safe space for students to play fun games and improve teamwork. We will play games like Trivia, Wheel of Fortune, Kahootz & School (Family) Feud Lorna Johnson  Tuesdays at Lunch P-3
Hangout Club  We will spread the message to Save the turtles, do a Beach Cleanup, do a bake sale to raise money for the school and the turtles. We will make our own scrunchies and bring reusable bottles to school  Nijor  Monday or Tuesday every other week Auditorium
Harry Potter Club The Harry Potter club will be a place where MH students can engage in Harry Potter themed games and trivia. This is a place where Harry Potter fans can be their nerdy selves Said Thursdays at Lunch Rm 4
Improv Theater Club We will be doing improv and theater activities in general. We will make up skits and short plays, musicals. Our main goal is to have fun!  Shafer Thursdays at Lunch  P-2
LGBTQ Club Our goal is to make everyone feel welcome and safe. We could do games, art and other fun stuff Reinjes/Rane Monday & Thursday- Every other week at Lunch Rm 14 (Mon), P-3

Library Lunches Monday- Maker Mondays, Tuesdays- World Scholar's Cup, Thursdays- Open Free Time, Friday- Game Day  Dyer Monday- Maker Mondays, Tuesdays- World Scholar's Cup, Thursdays- Open Free Time, Friday- Game Day Library at Lunch
LSU (Latino Student Union) We want to positively represent Latinx and people of other cultures at our school. We want to raise money for children in orphanages in Mexico. Special Events for our club will be guest speakers, field trips, and movies. Curiel Friday at Lunch every other week
Magic The Gathering Club  We will play trading card games (Specifically MTG)  Rane Mondays at Lunch  P-3
Maker Monday Club Dyer Mondays at Lunch Library
Mellow Mondays  Provide and create a safe, fun and healthy space to learn health-promoting skills, like mindfulness, coping strategies, build healthy relationships and have fun!  Baxter Mondays at Lunch  Room 31
Movie  Club To have fun and watch interesting movies. To make new friends and watch movies  Eldred Mondays at Lunch  Community Room
Social & Climate Justice Club Our goal is to help empower and educate youth at Mission Hill about climate change. Also to join the Global Youth Movement Crocetti Thursdays at Lunch  Rm 5
Spanish Club Learn about the Spanish language and rich culture, and have a good time while learning. We may do some reading, learn new words and vocabulary, watch videos, listen to music and practice speaking. We may do some field trips to experience the language and culture first hand Treadwell Fridats at Lunch every other week  Room 31
Stuff Club We will do Art projects, school friendly projects and watch movies  Curiel Mondays at Lunch P-1
Surf Club We will engage to enjoy the ocean in a fun and safe way, encouraging others to do so as well. Osborne & Wells SURF CLUB: Starting back in March, every other Monday from 3:30-5:00 PM atop the Cowells stairs on West Cliff (Monterey St). Rm 7 or Cowell's stairs
The Scratch Club Learn more about Scratch and teach others about it. We will be coding using the online coding app known as Scratch and will give suggestions using the comments section below the project. We will also have group discussions. Suess Tuesdays every other week at lunch- if not, after school P1
World Scholar's Cup Club Prepare for World Scholar's Cup academic competition. We will study Dyer Tuesday every other week Library
Writing Club  We will write down a topic (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Cheese) on a Post-It, the Post-It gets put in a hat and one will be picked at random. Each person must write a 2-5 page story/paper of their preference about the topic and at the next meeting they will share with the group. There will be snacks!  Gilbert Monday every other week at lunch   
YAMA (You Are Not Alone)  Make students feel more confident and more social and less shy. This is a hangout to not feel lonely and make more friends, solve any problems that we can solve. If you're feeling down, we can help. Gilbert/ Baxter Mondays at Lunch Rm 1

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